24 Hours In Chester – Here’s What You Should Do

December 30, 2022

If you’re a fan of the TimeOut guides for London, Barcelona or Rome then today we are hoping to bring something of that flavour for all of you who live in Chester or are thinking of moving here for work or a change of pace and scenery.

That’s right, it’s a 24 hour guide and whilst many who become locals will know of the amazing things that can be done in our little city, there are still always some surprises our great city and area can bring.

So, what can you do in 24 hours around Chester? Here’s our guide.

Early Morning (8am ish)

So, you’ve gotten into the city and passed some Roman walls, seen a pretty quiet centre of town so far? Don’t fear, we like to take things a little easier than say, London or Manchester. But it’s early morning and all you need is coffee… or tea.

That’s where we recommend, Jaunty Goat. (57 Bridge St, Chester CH1 1NG) Located near enough bang centre of the city, this little coffee shop has become the stalwart of the city, constantly refreshing a breakfast menu and being one of the first stores to go full Vegan options across every item. Enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee, perhaps a slice of sourdough made by their own little bakery across the road from the store and take in the smells and sights of this Chester institution.

Jaunty Goat, Bridge Street, Chester (Image: https://www.visitcheshire.com/food-and-drink/jaunty-goat-p213721)

After your coffee, why not head for a walk. Thanks to a pretty unique central location, you can go to a few different places. We’d say, head down towards the River Dee. The river starts life in Snowdonia and discharges on the Wirral peninsula. Obviously, you don’t need to go that far but a walk to stretch the legs and head towards Grosvenor Park. (Grosvenor Park Rd, Chester CH1 1QQ) Here you can see the beautifully curated gardens owned by the Duke of Westminster whilst making your way back towards town.

Mid Morning (10am roughly)

So far you’ve had your coffee, taken a walk and you’re heading back to Chester city centre. This city has some really good brunch spots that cater for all tastes so we’re going to suggest a few, all within a few minutes walk of each other.

Firstly, there is The Flower Cup. (61 Watergate St, South, Chester CH1 2LE) This has become a bit of a Chester institution, especially for brunch aficionados. They have a menu that really focuses on good, vegetarian and vegan options. If that’s what you’re after, there is also Shrub. (1 – 3 Eastgate St, Chester CH1 1LQ) This is a vegan paradise and we’d recommend even trying their donuts!

The Flower Cup, Watergate Street, Chester (Image: https://www.flowercup.co.uk)

Shrub, Watergate Street, Chester (Image: https://shrubchester.co.uk)

If you want something with a little more American vibe to it, you can stay on the River Dee and head to Hickory’s. (The Groves, Souter’s Ln, Chester CH1 1AG) Another great restaurant that will make the whole brunch experience elsewhere feel like it’s quite poor in comparison.

Hickory’s Smokehouse, The Groves, Souters Lane, Chester (Image: https://hickorys.co.uk/venue/chester)

Early afternoon

Because you’ve had brunch, we’d say to head out of the city centre and see a bit more of the surrounding areas. From the countryside tours to even a spot of shopping.

If you leave the city and are looking for a nice walk, a spot to take in the gorgeous Cheshire scenery then there are loads of places to choose from. Head towards Beeston Castle (Chapel Ln, Tarporley CW6 9TX). From here you can go for a lovely walk around this national trust site, getting in all the views and you can even extend it with a walk to a Cheshire treasure, The Pheasant Inn. (Higher, Tattenhall CH3 9PF). Sit by a log fire, or the open courtyard. Whatever the season, this location has one of the best views of Cheshire and North Wales you could hope for.

The Pheasant Inn, Higher Burwardsley, Tattenhall, Cheshire (Image: https://thepheasantinn.co.uk)

If however you want to do a spot of retail therapy then, Cheshire Oaks (Kinsey Rd, Ellesmere Port CH65 9JJ) really does have everything you need. With designer stores, year round offers and even a few food and drink options, you can be easily entertained walking around and picking up a bargain. Of course, you could also head to Liverpool One (5 Wall St, Liverpool L1 8JQ) but we thought that you want to keep it more local and find an easier path back to Chester for your evening entertainment.

Early evening (6pm approx)

After a little break, a spot of relaxation, you need to grab a meal. Chester is full of great options and has some gorgeous independent restaurants that make incredible, award winning food.

Sticky Walnut (11 Charles St, Cheshire, Chester CH2 3AZ) is a bistro in the heart of Hoole. Here you can find what food critics from around the country have come to love, including Marina O’Loughlin, “If I could clone Sticky Walnut, I would. I’d plonk its like the length of the land, replacing every Frankie & Benny’s and La Tasca and Café bloody Rouge.”

Sticky Walnut, Charles St, Chester (Image: https://www.facebook.com/StickyWalnutChester/photos

You could go to Artichoke (Steam Mill, The Steam Mill St, Chester CH3 5AN) where not only the food is top quality, but the ambience is something to truly love. Intimate without being pretentious, cosy without being sleepy. Enjoy some great G&Ts with stellar food.

Other options include, Upstairs at The Grill (70 Watergate St, Chester CH1 2LA), Death By Tacos (53 Watergate St, Chester CH1 2LB), Chez Jules (71 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HQ) and Opera Grill (3 Pepper St, Chester CH1 1DF) and Artezzan (33 Pepper St, Chester CH1 1DF)

Later evening (9pm ish)

For those that consider 9pm to be later in the evening, then we welcome you into our fold. There are lots of great bars and pubs waiting to accommodate you.

Bar Lounge (75 Watergate St, Chester CH1 2LB) for example is where you can not only get a drink but also have a good dance in the open courtyard at the front. If you want to experience a cocktail or two, then Lono Kove may also be a great option for you. Literally around the corner from Bar Lounge you get tiki vibes, cocktails and smooth music to go with it.

Barlounge, Watergate Street, Chester (Image: https://barlounge.co.uk)

Opera Grill have a gorgeous bar and seating area, perfect for taking in the live music and cocktails. Finally, if you wanted a speak easy vibe, the perfect Old Fashioned or dare we mutter the words Negroni then, there is a little hideaway in Chester for this kind of drink and sit, Prohibition. (66 Watergate St, Chester CH1 2LA) You won’t easily see it, but access the door set back from the street and be ready to have your mind blown with gorgeous cocktails and long sipping drinks.

Prohibition, Watergate Street, Chester. (Image: http://restaurantwebx.com/Prohibition)

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