Coronavirus COVID-19

March 14, 2020

At Carman Friend we are taking the spread of Coronavirus in the UK very seriously indeed and our overall priority is maintaining the safety and good health of all of our staff and customers and maintaining a safe and clean environment in our office, in our vehicles and within your homes.
We are keeping well informed of developments on the virus spread and are following the guidance and advice of the Government, World Health Organisation and Public Health England.
Carman Friend are a relatively small Company and team and we are discussing the ongoing situation on a daily basis with all staff in the office and out at customer homes to ensure we follow strict hygiene and cleaning routines including frequent handwashing and sanitisation. We have also sent an email to our potential sellers, current sellers and buyers to advise on steps they can take to help us prevent the spread of the virus whilst selling/viewing homes.
In line with the latest Government recommendations we are also asking any member of our team with flu like symptoms to self-isolate for 7 days. Fortunately, we have not had any staff visiting those key areas affected abroad but we are asking any staff who do come into close personal contact with someone who has contracted the virus to self-isolate for 14 days.
We hope the steps we are taking will give you confidence that we are doing all we can at Carman Friend to contain the spread of this virus.
Taking all of the above into account, we plan to continue doing “business as usual” but will of course keep you updated should this change at any point due to staff levels, or changes in government advice.

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