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May 12, 2022

We have all spent many hours watching TV and films – especially in the last two years – and getting design inspirations for our homes. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or you’ve just purchased your dream new one, there is always one place that we like to spend more time in than any other… The Kitchen. If there was one thing that we can take away from all of this TV and film research it is this, we can certainly be inspired from TV to make our kitchen dreams a reality.

Yes, TV and films have some of the best kitchen designs that we can all admire and even sometimes slightly critique. They give us an insight into how those characters live, how they interact and how they even use their kitchen. Maybe that’s how we want to live and maybe, that’s not such a bad thing!So what are the kitchens that have caught our eye from TV and film? Which ones could you see in your home? Here are some ideas.

Killing Eve
The hit TV show from the golden girl, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. A must watch TV series if there were any! The characters were rounded, and Villanelle is just a plain psychopath… that said, there are two great kitchens in this well thought out TV series.

The first is Eve’s. A small house in the British capital’s suburbs. It uses the space afforded with open shelving, hangers and an open galley kitchen design. It really works.

But the kitchen we all fell in love with was Carolyn Martens two tone kitchen delight! Slab, handleless doors, a fresh, modern design and all tied together with a feature chalk wall to break up the fun and the serious business of cooking/hosting. The colours combine beautifully, and the style is perfect for that open space.

Image from

The Holiday
The Christmas rom-com had a bit of everything. The “meet-cute” to bad driving and the most unlikeliest of storylines of Cameron Diaz falling for Jude Law… Ok, so not that unlikely but, in L.A. Kate Winslet got the taste of the modern and high life with one of the most outstanding kitchens on screen.

Deep blue cabinets, a muted steel countertop and a wooden table functioning as a make-shift island unit made the space look incredible. It’s how kitchen design should be, especially if you don’t just want an island unit all the time!

Image from

Modern Family
This series has been a hit everywhere. Modern family dynamics set to humour, drama and outrageous plots that we all find ourselves in at some point or another in our own homes. Maybe with a little less drama though, thank goodness!

But what really stands out are the kitchens, in all of the homes to be honest. The real stand out one has to be Phil and Claire Dunphy with the traditional cabinets and family layout. You know it’s a home where the kitchen is the heart of it.

Nigella’s Kitchen
The food writer and presenter has been on our screen for nearly 20 years but her kitchen, with her midnight snacking obsession has been something that has stood out for a long time. That pantry is a dream and many are looking to install something similar, you can with the right space – and the team who knows how to do it too.

This is a kitchen where a lot of cooking happens so the layout has had to be perfect from the very beginning. We love how the use of the open shelves and the island unit are actually functional and not just for design purposes only. For some, it’s a little busy, for us, it’s a kitchen designed with the cook in mind, you should be inspired by that!

Image from

As Good As It Gets
The kitchen in this particular cinematographic masterstroke is, in its own unique way, a masterpiece. The framed painted white door with bold handles, black granite worktops and an island unit that unites the eating and preparation area together is stunning. This kitchen remains one of the most googled kitchen images and we can see why.

It really has the large family feel to it but it wouldn’t be out of place in a small home somewhere in Cheshire. It has a sense of style and a penchant for the magnificent.

Under The Tuscan Sun
Off to Italy we go to live the life Diane Lane got to live for a just a few brief hours with us on screen. This feel good film is inspiration worthy if not to give you a sense of ‘how the Italians do it’.

For your slice of the Tuscan sun, this kitchen features a big AGA cooker, marble worktops, a warming drawer and a wine rack that will keep any host and guest very happy. Yes, it’s not modern, but it is stylish, it oozes “relax” and that’s what we all we want from our kitchens, right?

Something’s Gotta Give
Jack Nicholson hasn’t received an award for starring in ‘the films with the best kitchens’ but if he were to, surely this would be on the list. Like in his other film, As Good As It Gets, it is on our list for various reasons. A framed white painted door, bold handles, a massive stove and subway style tiles. Oh, and the island unit is spectacular as well.

Don’t forget, the pendant lights and the huge AGA that centers the whole design. This is a timeless classic and would be sure to sell any home, anywhere!

Image from

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (The Original)
Forget the remake, we’re not going to talk about that and instead we are going to talk about the original – the one with Will Smith. A lot happened in that kitchen and rightly so, it was a great kitchen and one that we can all admire. The shaker doors, the American fridge freezer oh and that island unit in the middle… what an Island unit. Yes, it’s in America but the style was quintessential classic English.

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