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With its green spaces and family-friendly estates, Newton is the perfect place to settle down in Chester, away from the hustle and bustle.

Just a ten-minute drive away from Chester Zoo and an equal distance from the city centre, this neighbourhood is in the ultimate location and offers a great lifestyle for everyone. There are great local schools, a nearby university and plenty to do and see. You’ll never have a bored moment in this incredible residential area.

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Schools in Newton Education

Primary School (Age 4 - 11)

Newton Primary School

0.0 Miles | State School
01244 981155

The Firs School

0.2 Miles | Independent School
01244 322443

St Martin’s Academy

0.4 Miles | State School
01244 566166

St Martins Academy

0.4 Miles | Primary
01244 566166

Mill View Primary School

0.4 Miles | State School
01244 381443

St Werburgh’s & St Columba’s Catholic Primary School

0.6 Miles | Primary
01244 981228

St Werburgh’s and St Columba’s Catholic Primary School

0.6 Miles | State School
01244 981228

Abbey Gate School

0.7 Miles | Independent School
01244 319649

Secondary School (Age 11 - 16)

The Queen’s School

1.2 Miles | Independent School
01244 382 843

The Hammond School

1.3 Miles | Independent School
01244 305 350

Queen’s Park High School

1.3 Miles | State School
01244 981500

Queen’s Park High School

1.4 Miles | State School

The Bishops’ Blue Coat High School

1.5 Miles | State School
01244 313806

Dee Banks School

1.6 Miles | State School
01244 981030

The Catholic High School

1.9 Miles | State School
01244 981600

Blacon High School

2.3 Miles | State School
01244 371475

Top attractions in Newton It's a no brainer

Cheshire County Sports Club

Sports & fitness

Chester Zoo

Nature & wildlife

Zippy's Playworld

Indoor activities

More attractions near Newton

Countess of Chester Country Park

0.6 Miles | Park

Chester Kayak Hire

0.7 Miles | Activities


0.8 Miles | Activities

Chester City Walls

0.8 Miles | Outdoor & Nature

Alexander’s Live

0.8 Miles | Entertainment

Old Harkers Arms

0.8 Miles | Food & Drink
01244 344525


0.8 Miles | Food & Drink
01244 329229

Chester Cathedral Falconry

0.8 Miles | Outdoor & Nature

The Yard

0.8 Miles | Food & Drink
01244 325199

Transport Links Getting Around

Train Stations


0.6 Miles


0.6 Miles


4.6 Miles



9.1 Miles


27.4 Miles


67.7 Miles

Bus Stations

Plas Newton Lane

0.5 Miles | Timetable

Chester Bus Interchange

0.8 Miles | Timetable

Chester Foregate Street

0.9 Miles | Timetable

Make the move to Newton You won't regret it

If you weren’t convinced before, you might be now. It’s time for those next steps.

Looking for your dream property in Newton? Or perhaps you want to move into one of the surrounding areas? Either way, we’re positive that you’re about to embark on an exciting adventure. And we’ll be happy to help in any way we can along the way. Check out some more properties below or alternatively, get in touch with us.

Newton is full of possibilities. Your kids will find plenty to do here, whether they’re 2 or 12. And as for you, you’ll settle in nicely, we’re sure. There are many local pubs and bars which aren’t difficult to get to. And with Chester’s city centre on your doorstep, you really can’t go wrong.

The local schools are welcoming and friendly, with plenty to choose from to find that perfect place for your little ones. Green spaces are aplenty in this area, so if you fancy some fresh air you can’t go far wrong.

In terms of commuting, Bache station and Chester’s main station are really easy to access via a short walk or bus ride. But if you fancy working in Chester itself, you’ll be home in no time and probably miss the mad evening rush! What a life…

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