Buying a home in Handbridge? What to know

Handbridge is one of the most sought-after areas in Chester and with its short walk into the city centre, views across the River Dee and leafy streets its hard to see why it wouldn’t be. In our Guide to the City, we are going to take a closer look at Handbridge and discover more about this little gem in the heart of Chester.

History of Handbridge

Dating back to the iron age, Handbridge has long been one of the most sought-after areas in the City since pre-war. It is reflected in the grand scale of the homes and the variety of period properties that are scattered throughout the small urban areas.

Many in Chester don’t know that Handbridge has some important historical relevance in today’s world. From being listed in the Doomsday Book to Richard II being responsible for paying for the current oldest standing bridge in the city.

From the iron age to the Roman age to the Victorian era, Handbridge has always been long sought after.

What makes buying a home in Handbridge so popular?

Since the pre-war era going back to Queen Victoria, Handbridge has seen much of the landscape expand thanks to its wide leafy streets and variety of homes. Handbridge has long been a desired destination for homebuyers.

In the local area there are several good schools to choose from. These include Overleigh St Mary’s Primary school, the Catholic High School and Queens Park High School are all within easy reach. Kings and Queens Independent schools offer highly acclaimed education and are both in close proximity.

Equally, thanks to its small town-ish feel, from the high street to the local events which are put on yearly, Handbridge has a bit of a history with locals as being a welcoming location. Because of the variety of ages in the community and the local amenities being so easily accessible, many locals know each other and the community groups with sports and associated activities are popular in the area.

Buying a home in Handbridge

When it comes to buying a home in Handbridge, you are selecting one of the most sought after areas in the city. This suburb is popular amongst families, retirees and even the young working professional.

With transport networks going to North Wales, Liverpool and Manchester on the doorstep, Handbridge has been a widely popular destination for homebuyers but that’s not all of what makes this part of the city so great.

Take a stroll and you’ll begin to understand what has made Handbridge a great location for homebuyers and homesellers. The variety of homes and the scope in budget makes it a great place to put down roots or get your first property in the city.

From the small worker cottages dating back to the 1800s to the grand Victorian homes which have views of the River Dee you have lots of choice. House prices range anywhere from £180,000 to £750,000 to buy a home in the area. (Just east of Handbridge is the prestigious Queens Park – one of Chester’s most notable residential areas. Properties in this area are generally fetching above half a million.)

The Grosvenor Bridge which connects the city from the A55 and suburbs and runs through Handbridge is also a good indicator of the strong infrastructure in and around the city; making it handy for commuters and those who want to get out to Wales at the weekend.

Amenities in Handbridge

If there is one thing we understand about buying a home in Chester and beyond it is, knowing what kind of amenities there are for homeowners.

Luckily, Handbridge has a number of independent shops including a local award winning butcher, florist, Chester Beer and Wine and a specialist cheesemonger. Combine all of these shops for a great night in or the perfect BBQ in the summer!

Buying a home in Handbridge also means that you have access to incredible recreational opportunities including rowing and canoeing on the River Dee as well as paddleboarding! Edgar’s Field provides a small green open space at the south end of the Old Dee Bridge which is frequented by families and dog walkers love it!

Handbridge also benefits from a bit of a pub scene including, The Ship Inn, The Grosvenor Arms, The Carlton and The Red Lion. Each have their own feel and in the summer time you can find yourself taking a seat outside and enjoying the sun with a nice drink to go with it.

Crossing either the suspension bridge or the Old Dee bridge you are within a few minutes walking distance to Chester. From here you have all the great independent shops and restaurants. From the famous Jaunty Goat coffee shop to ever popular Chef’s Table. Chester is filled with the kind of food and drink scene that it is widely known for.

Why you should buy a home in Handbridge

To summarise, Handbridge is a great area to buy a home in Chester and thanks to;

  • A strong historical past
  • Great motorway access to North Wales and the North West
  • Good schools
  • Plenty of community focused activities
  • Great amenities
  • Proximity to Chester City Centre

Are you interested in Buying a Home in Handbridge?

If you’re interested in buying a home in Handbridge, Chester then why not drop us a line today? Carman Friend has over 20 years of experience in the local Chester market and has a great understanding of matching your needs. They can help you locate the home for your requirements and match you, the buyer, with the dream home for your budgets.

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