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What's to know about Chester? Quite a lot

Even if you’re moving from a big city or from a small village, Chester has a bit of everything. Our guides will help you discover what will be on your doorstep when you move here.

Our company mission is to be recognised as a business that brings values to the property industry. The team at Carman Friend have knowledge, lots of local knowledge. So we’ve put together a series of local guides which give you some insight into the villages and areas surrounding the city. Easy to read, digestible nuggets which, if you’re in the move for a move, can help you learn a bit more about where you’re heading to.

What's in the Chester guides? Enough to help

We could have gone all University Challenge with our guides instead, we’ve focused on a few key things. A short history of the town, village or suburb. What makes buying in that location so popular? Average house prices, amenities and a short description of access to things like local transport and the motorways.

We tried to think of the things you think about when it comes to moving to a new area. You may already be totally immersed and integrated in the town, but for those who aren’t and want to know just a little bit more, then, that’s who these guides are for.

Discover Chester with our guides

Curzon Park
Westminster Park
Vicars Cross
Great Boughton/Boughton
Mickle Trafford/Guilden Sutton

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