Buying a home in Newton? What to know

Nestled between Upton and Hoole, Newton has a mixture of homes, great transport links in and out of the city and close proximity to good schools, attractions and well serviced local amenities. What makes buying a house in Newton so popular? Here is our guide.

History of Newton

Most of Newton has been constructed in the post second world war era and popular dwellings like Mannings Lane and Plas Newton lane have had much of the post war development focus.

Much of Newton’s history is limited to post war. In the efforts to repopulate areas of the city and bring affordable housing to the centre, Newton saw mass expansion with council built homes as well as larger private homes in a short period of time. In the years after the war, areas such as Ethelda Drive, Derwent Road and Kingsway saw large semi-detached properties being developed which benefited from larger gardens and two and half bedroom properties.

To this day, Newton remains a very popular area to buy a home, and for many first time buyers, the lower house prices and access to the centre make this a desirable place to buy.

What makes buying a home in this area so popular?

As discussed, the variety of homes in the area coupled with its location make it an ideal starting point for many looking to either get on the housing ladder or, develop a property with great potential. Many of the homes in this area have seen building expansion with large kitchen diner extensions.

Another great reason to buy a home in Newton is its proximity to neighbouring locations such as Hoole and Upton without the price-tag. In fact, as Rightmove tells us, ‘Newton had an overall average price of £319,104 over the last year.’ Whilst this is more than Hoole, it is £10,000 cheaper than Upton as an average and £25,000 less on detached properties.

‘The majority of sales in Newton during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £368,376. Detached properties sold for an average of £430,845, with terraced properties fetching £243,795.’

With great access to major road networks and the motorway on its doorstep, Newton has . plenty of choice in terms of homes and equally it is well serviced for local amenities.

Buying a home in Newton

As discussed, the majority of the homes built in Newton date back to post war construction. Many homes are large semi-detached properties featuring nice gardens whilst other areas of development in the area include private owned former council properties around Kingsway and large detached houses in areas such as Queensway. 

If you were interested in buying a home in Newton then you also have some truly outstanding properties around Newton Lane which feature 1930s and 1940s developments of large semi-detached and detached homes that are the perfect family home.

Amenities in Newton

With a regular bus service that gets locals in and out of the city, a transport network on the doorstep and even easy to access walks into Hoole and Upton, you are well looked after in Newton.

The Kingsway shopping centre has the locals favourite, Jeff’s for takeout, a small grocery shop, a pharmacy and a hair salon. There is the Limewood Field’s Skatepark and large grass area located near to that for a small walk, perfect for anyone who needs to take their dog for a walk. Equally, just over the other side of this park is the Hoole Coronation Recreation Ground and on the other side, Upton park.

Because of their proximity to these other areas, you are going to be well served no matter what you need, such as the award winning butchers and fishmongers in Hoole or the award winning Fish and Chip shop in Upton.

Why you should buy a home in Newton

To summarise, if you want to buy a home in Newton you will have; 

  • A great mix of homes at varying prices
  • Great access to other parts of the city
  • Near walking distance to Chester City Centre 
  • Excellent transport links to Manchester and Liverpool.

Are you interested in Buying a Home in Newton?

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