Easter DIY To Add Value To Your Property

March 28, 2024

We’ve all been there, the Easter DIY weekend spent painting rooms, screaming into the abyss when hitting your thumb with a hammer and generally starting an argument with the other half because, “you need to fix that” when you’re only half way through.

“Whose bright idea was this?” is muttered by everyone.

But, DIY is one of the most effective ways to add value to your property and as a Chester estate agent, we have seen some of the best and the worst to have come from this Roman city.

So in today’s blog we want to give you some of the easiest DIY fixes you can do in the long Easter weekend to not only fix things but to add value to your property.

1. Glam up your front door
Time Taken: 2 hours
Potential increase: 10%

A front door is the key to your property – no pun intended. Essentially, kerb appeal starts when a potential buyer sees your front door, then your garden – if you have one – then your windows and roof.

You want to clean the frame using the right products. If it’s a wooden frame, a quick touch up of paint or varnish will be ideal. Then you want to add two key things, a nice doormat and a number. Yes, it’s that simple. Visit online stores like Etsy for something a little different, but equally tasteful.

2. Panelled Walls
Time Taken: 2 days
Potential increase: 5-7%

These have become really popular in more modern build homes to add character and as replacements in 30s – 70s builds. They are easy to install – even though they require a bit of work and the prices have really come down.

You can get panel kits from the usual places, like B&Q or visit a website and order it in based on specific dimensions. Some come already painted but we recommend getting without paint, installing then painting as you can personalise with greater detail.

3. Tiling
Time Taken: 2 days
Potential increase: 5-7%

Whether it’s in the bathroom or in the kitchen, adding a fresh set of tiles is not that hard and not that expensive. You can get tile kits relatively cheap but by changing things up and adding pops of colour you can make a drastic difference to a room.

Subway tiles have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to sites like Pinterest. They are great for bathrooms and small kitchens and because they are neutral they won’t be turning people away when they come to look at your home.

4. Paint the fence
Time Taken: A day – in good weather!
Potential Increase: 10-15%

Here’s the thing, there are two types of updates. One is replacing panelling, the other is a lick of paint. Both require a good day of work and only one requires good weather.

However, the added bonus of safety and protection is key with fencing as well as being cosmetically appealing. Opt for contrasts and neutral colours when painting. Don’t overthink your paint choices, keep it simple but do a good job. If you’re replacing your panels, get someone with expertise to do it as they have the knowledge to make sure it’s done correctly.

5. De-weeding
Time Taken: 2 – 4 hours
Potential increase: 5%

A tidy garden is going to make a real difference to the perceived quality and value of your home. However, de-weeding is more than aesthetically pleasing. It helps to nourish the soil underneath your plants and your lawn.

Use manual tools for the smaller, easier to pick ones and use sprays on the more aggressive varieties. If you have pets or children, keep them off the lawn for a few hours.

6. Painting
Time Taken: 3 hours
Potential increase: 7 – 10%

Did you really think you were going to get away on a Bank Holiday weekend without some painting? Do you have a spindle staircase? If so, why not contrast the colours and go with rich blacks or bright yellows against a light or dark bannister? This could add up to £1300 because it really stands out and shows a unique and tasteful decor.

The other thing you could do is paint a room which hasn’t been touched in a long time. Keeping walls looking fresh, updating skirting boards and even using a bit of filler in the holes will certainly make the house more sellable to a potential buyer.

When you’re looking to add value to your home you want to focus on the small details when the budget is tight and look at big works when you have the funds.

Bigger projects like kitchens, bathrooms and even garden rooms can add a lot of money to the value of your home but they can cost in excess of the tens of thousands. An Easter DIY project is meant to be done between eating too much chocolate and meeting up with friends and family.

Simple fixes like those highlighted will go a long way to not only adding potential value to your home but giving you free time to do all the stuff that life throws at you.

Remember, if you’re looking for an agent to represent your new spruced up house then look no further than the leading estate agents of Chester in 2023, yes, that will be us.

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