New year, new home?

February 8, 2024

You’ve more than likely failed at one or two of your New Year’s Resolutions by now – we know we have – and you’re feeling all glum. Here’s the reality, social psychologists have been telling us for years to not do New Year’s Resolutions and yet we still do them so the joke is on us really.

But having something to look forward to for the year is not a bad thing. In-fact, whether it’s a holiday, changing job, starting a new sport or hobby gives us all something to look forward to and that can get us through all sorts in the first quarter of the year.

So when mortgage lenders started talking about dropping rates at the start of the year, the idea of a new home may have crossed your mind.

In today’s blog that’s what we’re talking about, is it going to be a New Year, New Home for you?

Think of the practicalities

You may have been sat at home over the Christmas break and thought to yourself that the house was either too small or too big. That the kitchen or the living room could do with a new lick of paint and some changes. Maybe the garden needs Alan Titchmarsh and every other daytime presenter to come in and take a flamethrower to it.

Basically, you looked at your home and thought, “it’s time to change.”

For us, homes are more than just something you move in and out of. It’s about you and your community. Do you enjoy it there? Are you making memories to last a lifetime? Do you have what you need taken care of where you are?

If the answer to the majority of these questions are yes, then moving may not be the right answer for you. But, if the answers are no…

Finding the right home for you

There are lots of choices around Chester and North Wales where making that move can be the answer to all of your problems – well most of them anyway.

But what questions should you ask yourself before moving? How about;

– Where do I want to move to?
– What size home do I want?
– How important is the entertaining space?
– What about commuting to and from work?
– Do I want a fixer upper or something finished?
– What are the local amenities like?
– How long do I see myself living here?
– What about schooling for my children?
– Closeness to healthcare facilities?
– Additional costs? I.e. moving to a bigger home means more costs on energy and water.
– What local community events are there?
– What is the neighbourhood like?

These are just some of the questions we would be asking ourselves here at Carman Friend.

Again, a home is about all the things that come with it and not just postcode.

Using a good estate agent

Look, we’re more biassed than doting parents at a children’s Christmas play, we’re damn good estate agents.

We finished 2023 as the leading estate agent for areas in CH1, CH2, CH3 and CH4 as according to Rightmove data.

What we do is help you find that home you’re looking for and deserve. (As well as market your property with leading data and techniques!)

With our network now moving into North Wales including Gresford, Hawarden and Holt – you too could be neighbour’s to Deadpool, aka, Ryan Reynolds.

But seriously, this is the part where you need to initiate contact with a good estate agent. Because finding a home in the “New Year, New Home” mantra is about precisely that, finding a HOME.

You want to be able to trust the process and trust the people you’re working with and we’re happy to say, we have many, many, glowing reviews from our customers.

Search, Investigate and Fall in Love

The process couldn’t be simpler really.

You want to be able to find great homes. You need to spend time doing so – again, we at Carman Friend can help you here – but once you’ve seen what you like, it’s the time to investigate.

Visit the house, get a feel for the area – if you don’t know it that well – and look around. Ask lots of questions, think about your commute, your access to basic and less basic things, get a feel for, “is this for me?”

Many will say that when the right home meets you, you will feel it.

We don’t necessarily disagree but equally, you don’t always know if you will like something the first time you try it.

If you get a good feel, then make a decision to go back at a different time. Popular homes will be taken – there’s more demand than supply – but don’t rush things, take your time.

Make the decision

Once you’ve made the decision to move, have investigated all options and know what you can and can’t afford – a mortgage advisor can help you here – then you’re all set.

Remember, the right home is out there for you and with good estate agents like ourselves, we can help you find it.

The promise of a New Year focuses the mind to change things up which is of course a positive thing. Making sure you’re on the right path and have made the right decision is essential before you proceed. Engage with a great estate agent to market your property when you have, and use them for help looking for your next home – you never know what may be coming to market that they know of.

Remember, moving home is a big decision and a new home for 2024 can be a great catalyst of change in your life.

Contact our team today to help kick start your journey for a new year, new home in 2024.

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