Pumpkin Season is Approaching!

October 6, 2021

Leaves are browning and pumpkin season is fast approaching. Here’s everything you need to know about how to cosy down in Chester.

Chester is a picturesque and Instagram-worthy city every season of every year, but it’s especially magical in autumn.

Picturesque Chester

To stick with the trends, you can grab the famous Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks. This warm-hearted cuppa coffee is exclusive to the more autumnal times of the year! If Starbucks isn’t your jam, there’s plenty of independent coffee shops in Chester to cosy down in, like Jaunty Goat, Chalk, The Flower Cup, Panna Coffee, or Bean & Cole!

The misty morning walks are definitely not one to miss. The meadow is an especially grand place to visit in the autumnal mornings. It’s quiet (apart from the occasional dogs and their walkers!) and follows the River Dee. You get to see the fog float above and disperse across the water, watch people rowing, watch boats drifting by. Sit on a bench, listen to the birds, keep your fingers wrapped around a coffee cup and soak up the early autumn sunlight.

Chester’s cathedral is particularly beautiful, surrounded by browning, crunchy leaves scattered about the cathedral gardens. Every Sunday morning without fail you can hear the bells ring in the belltower, hear the choir practice, hear the organ sing from inside the old stone walls. Sitting in the gardens is magical, walking through the gates is like time travelling; here you experience the rich history of Chester.

The city isn’t too big, everything is within walking distance, and yet there are many cracks and crevices, little gems that you can hide yourself away in.

On the other hand, if you’re not an early bird, you can grab a hot chocolate in the afternoon from Snugburys on the other side of the river, just across the suspension bridge. At certain times, you can watch musicians emerge into the cold and rustle up some beautiful melodies on the band stand.

Cosy Spaces

If you’re not a morning OR an afternoon person (which we totally understand, winter is for hibernation, blankets & Netflix, after all!) then Chester isn’t short on cosy bars and pubs to hide away in. The Bear and Billet pub is especially lovely in the colder seasons. With huge armchairs, frosted Tudor windows and an authentic, crackling fireplace; with a beer or hearty glass of merlot in hand, this place feels cosy, homely, and perfectly dreamy!

Storyhouse is the perfect place for bookworms. There’s the opportunity to grab a bottle of wine and browse the books, or to cosy up in an armchair and lose yourself in a story. And if your eyes get tired of reading, there’s always a show in the theatre or a film in the cinema to awaken the senses!

If you’re after a beautiful place to stay in the timelessly picturesque city of Chester, call us up today for little ol’ chinwag! We’re happy to help.

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